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  • 此順序適用於左右一對第二代AirPods。立即更換電池的周轉時間。我們保留已被新電池替換的AirPods的現有庫存,我們將在收到您的AirPods電池電量已耗盡的同一天將其發送給您(請勿將您的充電盒發送給我們)。
  • 在使用醫療級工業設備通過臭氧氧化(有機材料)和UV-C輻射進行低溫滅菌之前,所有的AirPods都要經過超聲波刷洗和高壓抽吸清潔。定期監視AirPods和工廠工作區的清潔度和衛生狀況。
  • 我們的備用電池具有與原裝Apple AirPods電池相同的性能。首次購買AirPods時,要保持持久的耐力。所有由Pods博士更換的AirPods電池均具有90天的保修期,可防止電池缺陷,由於更換電池而導致的故障以及工藝上的缺陷。

一對Apple AirPods第2代即時更換電池更換

S$75.00 一般價格
  • Dr Pods only accepts the following AirPods for Exchange. 

    • Original & authentic Apple AirPods;
    • Without water damage;
    • Without cosmetic blemishes & discolorations;
    • Without permanent stains, deep scratches or marks; 
    • Without corrosion to the charging contacts (silver metallic area at the end of each AirPod stem)
    • Fully functional and able to connect via Bluetooth;
    • Able play audio without fluttering or cracking and;
    • Able to record audio via the microphone
    • Does not exhibit "Flashing Green LED light" when the AirPods earpieces are placed into the AirPods Charging Case

    More information on verifying your AirPods can be found at


  • It is important to verify if your AirPods are generation 1 or 2. If you are ordering a single side, AirPods of different generations will not work together. If you are ordering a pair, they may have different features. Please check the model of your AirPods by doing the following


    With your charging case lid opened or when the AirPods are being used, click on the "i" with the circle to open the Bluetooth settings for the AirPods 


    The model number can be found in your AirPods Bluetooth settings 


    AirPods (2nd generation)

    Model number: A2032, A2031

    Year introduced: 2019


    AirPods (1st generation)

    Model number: A1523, A1722

    Year introduced: 2017

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